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Shark Tooth Guessing Game

Everyone knows shark teeth, right? Those big slathering daggers in scary movies?

Uh, no. At least, there’s a lot more to shark teeth than the pop culture stereotypes. Some sharks are enormous – but have the tiniest teeth! Many sharks have different teeth in front compared to the back of their mouths, depending on what they need to chew.

Sharks regularly lose teeth – not because they don’t visit the dentist, but because that’s a natural thing for these amazing ocean predators.

But because those teeth aren’t attached to their gums on a root like ours, they lose around a tooth every week. Our aquarists often pick them up while cleaning the floor of the habitat, and they can be a useful guide to monitoring shark health, feeding and growth.

Get to know five of our sharks in the South Pacific and Pacific Seas Aquariums. Then see if you can guess which tooth belongs to which shark!

Meet the sharks

Sand Tiger
Blacktip Reef
Scalloped Hammerhead

Now - Guess the Tooth!

Which belongs to which shark?

Click on any tile for the answer!

Shark Teeth

Small but useful
Tiny barbs
Narrow and sharp
Chunky and curved
Teeny tiny

How did you do?

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