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Conservation is a passion that drives us to protect threatened species and their habitats, from the jungles of Borneo to our own animals here at the Zoo. Take action - join us.

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Did you know larval and juvenile rockfish are a food source for juvenile salmon, other marine fish and seabirds? 

Rockfish are essential to the Puget Sound food web! And the kelp they use for protection is critical.

That’s why Zoo divers are conducting underwater kelp and rockfish surveys. The data they gather helps determine the state of these (and other) underwater species. 

Read more about these surveys at
The growing, fuzzy muskox calf continues to do well and is staying close to her mom, Charlotte! 💗 The adorable calf, born Sept. 7, is full of energy and her keepers describe her as rambunctious and brave. Help name the playful calf from a slate of keeper-chosen names through Sept. 25 at noon. 🗳️ Vote at The winning name will be announced on Tuesday, Sept. 26. 🎉
We want to take a moment to share more about @zoos_aquariums and @wt_alliance's #NotAPet campaign. The high global demand for exotic pets like servals fuels the illegal capture and trade of millions of animals. But there's good news - it's easy to be an advocate for exotic animals and help reduce the demand for the illegal pet trade! Learn more from keeper Jessie on why animals like Sheldon are #NotAPet, and take the pledge at 🐾
Tilli has her sniffer going for her 18th birthday! 💕 Keeper Brynn made the adorable aardvark a special cake blended with insectivore chow and meat baby food, topped with mealworms and whipped cream. 🎂 Happy birthday, Tilli! 🎉

📹: Keeper Katie

#aardvark #birthdaycake #pointdefiancezoo #enrichment
It’s molting season for the penguins! 🐧 Some of our Magellanic penguins are currently looking extra fluffy or missing some feathers. During this annual process, penguins replace their entire set of feathers with new ones. Because penguin feathers are not water-tight during their annual molt, you may see them onshore more than usual sporting their seasonal hairdos. 

📹: Keeper Kristyn

#penguin #hairstyles #pointdefiancezoo
Happy 4th birthday to the squad: Fritter, Cannoli and Strudel! 🎉🥳

These guinea pig siblings live behind-the-scenes at the Zoo. But occasionally they make a grand appearance for close encounters! 

📸: Keeper Donovan 

#guineapig #guineapiglife
Heard of tiger bamboo or koi bamboo? We have more than 45 types of bamboo at the Zoo, including bamboo our animals enjoy for enrichment!

#WorldBambooDay #bamboo #pointdefiancezoo