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We Care for Animals

Conservation is a passion that drives us to protect threatened species and their habitats, from the jungles of Borneo to our own animals here at the Zoo. Take action - join us.

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Dive in and meet our three zebra sharks, Peanut, Butter, and Honey! 🦓🦈 These graceful creatures, with their distinct spots, are as fascinating as they are beautiful. Watch as they glide through their underwater home in the Outer Reef habitat. 🪸 The Tropical Reef Aquarium reopens June 14. 🐠
It turns out humans aren’t the only ones with allergies. Zoo animals—even goats—get them! Meet Spice, our 7-year-old Nigerian dwarf goat, who's feeling the itch, too. 🐐 While humans and furry friends can find relief with meds, our animals need something extra. For the first time ever, we're using allergen immunotherapy to help Spice, our polar bear Astra, and beavers Nutmeg and Walnut build tolerance and beat the sneeze! Spice receives allergy injections every two weeks to treat her symptoms.
🐝 Happy World Bee Day! 🐝 The bees love our five Nolina hibernica that are now in bloom. Our horticulturalist, Bryon, believes it’s a first for any single location in the Pacific Northwest to have five Nolina hibernica blooming at the same time. 🌱
Walruses are social animals and are known for their unique and loud vocalizations. 🎵 This is a voiceover from Shrek but we wanted to have some fun with it. 😂

The caps on the walrus tusks are to help protect them as they grow - similar to a night guard for human teeth!
Meet Tater the Potato Grouper! This gentle giant is enjoying a refreshing mouth cleaning from his tiny pals, the cleaner wrasses. 🪥

Meet Tater and friends at the Tropical Reef Aquarium reopening June 14! 🐠