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Conservation is a passion that drives us to protect threatened species and their habitats, from the jungles of Borneo to our own animals here at the Zoo. Take action - join us.

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Our two growing penguin chicks at healthcare continue to do well! 🥰

Two of our six penguin chicks are receiving special attention and around-the-clock care from veterinarians and keepers at our animal hospital. Zoo veterinarians and keepers noticed one chick was unusually small and had an umbilical infection, so the tiny chick needed treatment and close monitoring. Keepers found the other chick outside of its nest extremely hypothermic and unresponsive and rushed it to the animal hospital, where it received emergency care. The two chicks are sharing a warm incubator together and are doing much better. 

📸: Veterinarian Dr. Kadie
First day of summer calls for a tapir pool party!
Five new meerkats are now living in the Kids’ Zone area! A group of meerkats is called a “mob” or a “gang.” The new arrivals will join one mob, and the zoo’s resident meerkat siblings, Frick and Crackle, will remain in a separate gang. Read the story at
Meet the adorable Pacific spiny lumpsuckers! 🐡

#pointdefiancezoo #aquarium #lumpsucker #cuteanimals
Another perfect Zoolympics dive - this time from 5-year-old penguin Jim! 🐧 🔟 

#penguin #zoolympics #pointdefiancezoo
How do you get a beaver to take his medication? With a peanut butter sandwich, of course! 🦫

Meet Walnut, our clever 8-year-old beaver who recently had two teeth pulled and needs antibiotics. He’s so smart he can usually pick out the medication from his food, so our keepers had to get creative. A peanut butter sandwich is the trick that’s working for now! 🍞🥜

Check out this video of Walnut enjoying his special treat!

📹: Assistant curator Maureen

#beaver #animalcare #pointdefiancezoo #zoo #cuteanimals #snacktime
Siamang snack break! 🍪 Dudlee is enjoying a cinnamon graham cracker in the sunshine. ☀️ This is considered a novel food enrichment. All enrichment is approved by expert veterinary team. 

📹: Keeper Katie
Lemurs love relaxing while soaking up the sunshine! ☀️ 

#lemur #relaxation #pointdefiancezoo