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Conservation is a passion that drives us to protect threatened species and their habitats, from the jungles of Borneo to our own animals here at the Zoo. Take action - join us.

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The Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater show is here! ✨ Extraordinary Creatures and How to Care for Them stars a wizard, a zookeeper and a very smart dog. 🪄Rocket the rescued dog as “Professor Dumbledog” is very excited about it! 🐶 See the show daily at the Zoo - included with admission. 🎟️
Happy #Pride Month! This #pridemonth join us in celebrating love, compassion and empathy. This year’s #PRIDE Celebration will take place at the Zoo on June 24 & 25 in partnership with @tacomapridefestival @rainbowcntr & @oasisyouthcenter! 🌈
Today is #WorldOtterDay – the most pawsome day of the year! 🦦 Sea otters are more than just the cutest fur balls in the ocean. They help keep kelp forests alive! Kelp forests provide food and shelter for over 100 species of marine creatures. Sea #otters also play a supporting role for life on land, including helping humans. Meet three of our favorite furry ocean heroes Libby, Moea, and Clara as they swim, snack and play at their Rocky Shores habitat. 🦦
It’s World Otter Day! At Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium we have three sea otters: Libby, Moea and Clara. 🦦 

All three are rescued and love to to eat, play and nap (no specific order). They’re extremely agile and will use their paws to break open clams and explore different objects. 

Despite their cuteness, it’s important to remember sea otters face numerous challenges in the wild. They have been hunted for their thick fur and face habitat loss due to oil spills and pollution.

#worldotterday #otter #seaotters #ottergram
“Get in. We’re going shopping 🛍️ “

Well, not really. But today is Jao Ying’s sweet 16, and she just got her “license.” 🚗

Join us in celebrating Jao Ying’s birthday! She received this very real and valid license to drive, scented enrichment and some whipped cream treats today. 🐾
Dive into the playful world of sea lions for World #SeaLion Day! 🦭 Check out their amazing underwater antics, flips, spins, and graceful maneuvers! 🩵 Rescued sea lions Boomer and Eloise enjoy interacting with guests at underwater viewing, and love playing with fun enrichment items! 🌊
Happy World #SeaLion Day! 🩵 With graceful flips, spins, and mesmerizing maneuvers, these playful creatures remind us of the joy and wonder beneath the waves. 🌊 Sea lions are true masters of the sea, and their playfulness knows no bounds! We are home to four rescued, amazing sea lions, Boomer, Eloise, Matia and Bjorn.
Behind the scenes with our feathered friend, Twiggy! 🧡 Twiggy is our 17-year-old, red-legged seriema. While seriemas primarily consume small prey in the wild, like insects, rodents, and birds, they also feed on fruits, seeds, and plant matter. Here, Twiggy is enjoying some fresh browse at Wild Wonders. 🌿

📹: Keeper Hannah