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We Care for Animals

Conservation is a passion that drives us to protect threatened species and their habitats, from the jungles of Borneo to our own animals here at the Zoo. Take action - join us.

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Big dill! 🥒 Three-year-old polar bear Astra loves splashing around with her giant pickles for enrichment. 🐻‍❄️
And her name is… Pepper! Pepper’s strong and spicy spirit shined through after fighting a respiratory infection shortly after birth. The one-month-old sea lion pup is happily nursing, growing, and learning to swim with her mom, Eloise, behind the scenes.
Indah, our 9-year-old endangered Sumatran tiger, enjoying a beautiful cat nap in the sunshine. ☀️
Check out the summer transformation for an adult tufted puffin! In spring, tufted puffins’ beaks and feet turn a vibrant orange for the breeding season. They also get more white plumage on their face and grow in their striking tufts.