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The Rocky Shores exhibits replicate an area of the craggy coastline near Cape Flattery, Washington.

Be Dazzled by Dozer

The 3,650-pound male Pacific walrus with 17-inch tusks is now on exhibit.

Do you hear Dozer "singing"? This is natural behavior to keep other males away, protect territory and attract females.

Dozer is 23 years old and will live at Point Defiance Zoo for several months on a breeding loan through the Walrus Conservation Consortium. Dozer will be introduced to female walruses Kulu, Joan and Basilla.

You may see any combination of those four from above-water viewing in Rocky Shores. Open Hours >

Kulu Behind Scenes

Meet Kulu

Kulu, a playful 22-year-old female Pacific walrus, is on a long-term loan from the Wildlife Conservation Society’s New York Aquarium.

Renovation update

Rocky Shores animals are taking a temporary behind-the-scenes break during some construction work on their exhibit home. Walruses Dozer, Joan, Kulu, and Basilla can be seen from above-water viewing.

The newly renovated exhibits are expected to open in early 2017.

ET walrus 3Honoring E.T. with a sculpture

For more than three decades, E.T. the walrus has been a beloved symbol of the Zoo's conservation efforts. He often entertained visitors with his flipper waves, pool splashes, and vocalizations. E.T. died last year at age 33.

The community is raising money to fund a life-sized bronze sculpture to be installed outside the Zoo's front gate.

Support E.T.'s legacy >

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Enjoy daily marine mammal presentations, which offer an entertaining and educational demonstration of the natural history and abilities of Rocky Shores animals.

As part of its conservation mission, the Zoo supports the work of the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums.