Eye-to-Eye with Sharks!

ete circle 2Experience the heart-pumping thrill of getting up close to more than a dozen massive sharks. Learn about sharks, their biology, the challenges they face in the wild, and how you can help save them.

You will wear a specially designed dry suit that zips over your street clothes and seals out water. No need to bring a swim suit! Whether you're a certified diver or an adventurous non-diver, there's an exhilarating, underwater journey that is perfect for you.

Start your adventure today! Register below, contact admissions@pdza.org, or speak to our front gate staff.

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Scuba Dive

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Cage Dive

(Certification required)
(No experience necessary)

15 and up
All gear is supplied; divers may bring prescription masks. No personal cameras allowed.
Program: 75 minutes; maximum of 4 participants per dive
Cost: $105 for Zoo members; $120 for non-members (includes admission to Zoo & Aquarium and souvenir towel)

8 and up
Gear: All gear is supplied. Prescription masks are available. No personal cameras allowed.
Program: 60 minutes; maximum of 4 participants per dive
$60 Zoo members; $75 non-members (includes admission to Zoo & Aquarium and souvenir towel)


Dive Days/Times: Thursday-Monday at 9:45 am, 11:15 am, 1:45 pm and 3:15 pm.
Health requirements: Must be in stable health and complete a medical questionnaire. Pregnant visitors may not dive. Maximum weight is 275 lbs.

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Do you have a PDZA gift card?
To use your card for a shark dive, email reserve@pdza.org.


Please complete all required forms below and bring them with you to your scheduled dive. If you need special assistance, please complete the special assistance request form and return it to us as soon as possible before your scheduled dive.

Required Forms:

         Medical Waiver & Emergency Information
         Adult Participation Agreement

Additional Forms:    
          Special Assistance Request Form 
          Minor Participation Agreement (for participants age 17 years or younger)