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Winter Camps

Chill out this winter

Give your kids a special day at the Zoo while you enjoy some extra time this holiday season. Our talented instructors will engage campers in hands-on activities, exhibit exploration and up close and personal animal encounters.

Registration is closed for the season.
Camp ScholarshipsApplications for Camp Scholarships are now closed.

K-2nd Grade

Junior Winter Explorers

For children currently enrolled in K-2nd grade

One day camp: 9:15 AM – 3:00 PM

Member $75/Non-Member $85

radiated tortoiseAnimal Homes: December 20th (SOLD OUT), December 27th (SOLD OUT) 
A home can be underground, up in a tree or under a rock. Learn about how animals from around the world find, build or share their homes.


Gryff the penguinFur, Feathers, Scales and Slime: December 21st (SOLD OUT), December 28th (SOLD OUT)
Are feathers just for flying? Why are some animals scaly and others slimy? Does all fur feel the same? Discover the answers and meet some awesome animals.


Kali the Sumatran TigerDr. Zoolittle: December 22nd (SOLD OUT), December 29th (SOLD OUT) 
How would you care for a tiger? What about a sea otter or a goat? Learn about the special needs of various animals and how zoo staff keep them healthy.

3rd-5th Grade

Wild Winter Explorers

For children currently enrolled in 3rd-5th grade

One day camp: 9:00 AM – 3:15 PM

Member $80/Non-Member $90

puget sound king crabCreature Communities: December 20th or December 27th
Take a journey around the zoo to explore and compare different habitats. Discover how each animal is specially adapted to survive where they live.


sea turtle on blueCreature Features: December 21st or December 28th (SOLD OUT)
What do fish, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians have in common? How are they different? Get to know animals from each of these groups and find out what they have in common with you.


elephant trunk liftCaring for Creatures : December 22nd (SOLD OUT) or December 29th  (SOLD OUT) 
How is caring for a big cat like caring for a housecat? Is training an elephant just like training a dog? Find out how zoo staff meet the specific needs of the animals at the zoo.

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For more information about Winter Camps, please see Winter Camp FAQ and Winter Camp Essentials.

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