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We Heart Zebra Sharks

Peanut grows up

From 18 inches
to eight feet long.
Zebra sharks can grow up to 8 feet long! When Peanut the zebra shark arrived at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, she was only about 18 inches!
Moving from Lagoon
to the Outer Reef
As a young shark, Peanut lived in the Lagoon in the South Pacific Aquarium, the perfect place for a small shark! Now she’s reached about half full-size, she’s moved to the Outer Reef habita, to swim with the other sharks.
Outer Reef
Target training
for food and wellness.
Caring for Peanut has taken a dedicated team of staff providing care, training, and enrichment. Aquarists use a red ball to focus Peanut’s attention while they feed her and check on her health. This is called target training.

Fun facts

about zebra sharks.
  • Zebra sharks live in tropical reefs around the world. As they grow, they move around the reef to ensure they are in the habitat that best meets their needs.
  • Young sharks will start life in the calmest parts of the reef closest to shore. As they grow, they’ll move to the open areas of the outer reef.

Watch the sharks in the Outer Reef from the inside of our Eye-to-Eye Shark Dive cage in the video!