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St. Patrick's Day at the Zoo

March 17, 2019
9:30AM - 4:00PM
Lucky treats, green animals and plenty of fun. Free with admission.

Our animals get lucky!

Green treats
and fun.
See amazing animals, talk to the keepers who care for them, and watch animals enjoy "lucky" treats and enrichments for St. Patrick's Day! (Why enrichments? They encourage natural behavior that keeps animals healthy.)
Green animals too.
How many can you find?
Don't forget to look out for all the green-colored animals in our zoo! (Hint: You'll find most of them in Kids' Zone: frogs, tortoises, snakes, leaf insects...and some in the aquariums too.)
Explore Kids' Zone

What's On

Lucky treats, enrichments and more.
10amPenguin PointPenguins get green toys and grassy browse for nesting
10:30amKids ZonePot 'o' Gold (ball pit) for meerkats
11amSouth Pacific AquariumLagoon fish munch on shamrock-shaped food
11:30amArctic TundraPolar bears enjoy green ice treats and enrichments during keeper chat
12pmWild Wonders Outdoor TheaterMeet a clouded leopard at a Close Encounter
12:30pmAsian Forest SanctuaryTigers get green enrichments and watermelon treats at keeper chat
1pmElephantsElephants stomp on papier-mache at keeper chat
2pmRed Wolf WoodsRed wolves enjoy papier-mache enrichment at keeper chat
3pmRocky ShoresChat with our keepers

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