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Nature Play Garden Opening

April 1 - 3, 2022
9:00AM - 3:30PM
Plants. Pollinators. Playtime.

Our new Little Explorers Nature Play Garden opens April 1.

Exploring Nature

Playing and Learning
Designed for children ages 3 to 5, the garden has nature play elements that encourage curiosity and wandering discovery, like stepping stones for hopping and logs to crawl through. Build and experiment at a “Builder’s Deck” with natural components like sticks, log slices and fir cones.
Pollinators and Plants
Kids, adults, plants and pollinators all co-exist in the Nature Play Garden. Watch as butterflies, birds, bees and countless other insects all delight in this garden. Learn how to share your own yard at home with pollinators.
Planting the Garden
Bugs Alive!
Coming May 2022
Bugs Alive! returns on May 7 in a new home. Visit the stage in the Nature Play Garden for close encounters with small animals and insects. Keepers host live bug presentations. Meet bugs, like a Chilean rose tarantula, tobacco hornworm or emperor scorpion, and discover the important role that bugs play in our daily lives.
Join us in celebrating Earth Month in April around Tacoma. Learn about Earth’s ecosystems and how you can help support a healthy environment. Enjoy exploring the outdoors while you help restore local parks and waterways.
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Care for Nature
Care about nature? Join us - and all zoos and aquariums - in supporting our new national goal of 30x30. That's a goal to protect 30% of all land and ocean on our planet for wildlife by 2030. We can do it together!