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Members' Wild Night

June 18, 2019
6:00PM - 9:00PM
Get wild after-hours. Free for members. 6-9pm June 18

Pretty Wild

Meet our animals
Up close and in person.
Come after-hours and meet all our animals up close with feeds, talks, enrichments and encounters! This special members-only night packs three hours full of wildlife experiences all over the Zoo, plus raffles, behind-the-scenes tours and more.
Chat with a keeper
(They don't bite.)
So many keepers, so much to learn! Meet the amazing people who care for our animals at a Keeper Chat, and bring all your questions. We'll also have camel and carousel rides, sand sculpting demos, goat grooming and ocean animal costumes. See below for the schedule.
Go behind the scenes
and see what we do!
How do we prep our animals' food every day? Where do we feed the sea turtles? What does an animal hospital look like? Take this exclusive chance to step behind the scenes and see what really happens in zoo life! Scroll for the full schedule.

Full Schedule

Everything happening at Members' Wild Night.
5:45-6:45pmAnimal encountersFront gate
6-9pmSand SculptureCentral lawn
6-8pmOpen HousePacific Seas Aquarium & Animal Hospital
6-9pmCarousel ridesCarousel
6-8:30pmFood prep toursRocky Shores
6-8:30pmAnimal encounterCritter Corner & Discovery Hut
6-8:45pmGoat groomingKids' Zone
6-8:45pmCamel ridesCamels
6-8:45pmBudgie encountersBudgie Buddies
6-8:45pmTidal Touch ZonePacific Seas Aquarium
6-8:45pmStingray Cove Touch ZoneSouth Pacific Aquarium
6-8:45pmInteractive sand demosSand sculpture on lawn
6-8:45pmOcean costumesBaja Bay, Pacific Seas Aquarium
6:15pmElephant talk/enrichmentElephants
6:30pmTapir talk/enrichmentAsian Forest Sanctuary
6:30-7:30pmBugs Alive!Discovery Hut
6:45pmSea lion talk/enrichmentRocky Shores
7pmPolar bear talk/enrichmentArctic Tundra
7:15pmElephant talk/enrichmentElephants
7:15pmRed wolf talk/enrichmentRed Wolf Woods
7:30pmTiger talk/enrichmentAsian Forest Sanctuary
7:45pmSea lion talk/enrichmentRocky Shores
8pmPolar bear talk/enrichmentArctic Tundra
8:15pmRed wolf talk/enrichmentRed Wolf Woods
  • Enter a raffle to win an amazing animal experience! One ticket free per membership. Drawings at main plaza 7pm, 7:30pm and 8pm.
  • Win tickets to Zoolights, Northwest Trek, the Keeper Adventure Tour or Zip Wild at Trek, a Metro Parks VIP card, an Eye-to-Eye Shark Dive, a membership upgrade OR a private animal experience TONIGHT!
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