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Dozer's Farewell

September 15 - 16, 2018
9:30AM - 6:00PM
Come say goodbye to the big guy! Free with admission. Sept. 15-16

Whistle a goodbye

It's time to say farewell
to our hunky walrus friend.
Dozer, the lovable, 3,078-pound walrus with the 17-inch-long tusks and unmistakable whistle, is leaving mid-September after a 10-month visit. But there’s still time to bid him farewell all weekend long.
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One last feed
(He does love his fish.)
Dozer will be featured on the marine mammal Keeper Talks at 3pm Sept. 15 & 16, the last weekend before he leaves. Come watch our Rocky Shores keepers give him the fish he loves, and learn about how to help walruses in the wild.
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Help protect walruses
Here at the Zoo we're studying walruses to better help their cousins in the wild. You can help by supporting The Zoo Society, and taking actions to slow climate change.