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Chillin' with Polar Bears

February 29, 2020
11:00AM - 3:00PM
Chill with Boris and Blizzard. Free with admission. Feb. 29

Beary, beary fun

Polar bear party
(Perfect for winter.)
Come meet our rock-star polar bears, Boris and Blizzard, and the keepers who care for them. We'll have enrichments for the bears and fun activities for people - learn how to help polar bears in the wild.
Polar Bears
Being Boris
The oldest male polar bear
Boris is now, we think, the oldest male polar bear in the world. He has an astonishing story - and a devoted team of keepers. Read all about being Boris on the blog.
Being Boris

Polar bear activities

Furry fun at the polar bear habitat.
11am-2:30pmCatch of the Day. See if you have what it takes to live as a polar bear in the Arctic.
11am-2:30pmAwesome Adaptations. Examine the fur, teeth and claws of a polar bear to discover how well they are adapted for their frozen Arctic home.
11:30amKeeper Chat. Watch Boris and Blizzard get special treats!
2:30pmPolar bears get special enrichments

Meet our bears


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Save our sea ice
The ice is shrinking. Rising temperatures from climate change are melting the sea ice that polar bears (and other animals) need to survive. But we can slow it down. Take action now.