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Mystery 3 Answer

Fantastic Job!

You found the sloth
And solved Question 3.

Sloths only poop once a week and they come down from trees to do it! During that time, they are vulnerable to predators. While up in the trees, sloths are well camouflaged, sometimes even looking green due to algae growing in their fur!

Do This!

man boy masks pointing baja bayStop by the Pacific Seas Aquarium and see if you can spot these spooky-cool marine animals on your way through.

I spy with my little eye…

  • Spider crabs crouching in the depths
  • Moon jellies (For “werewolfeels” to howl at)
  • Bright orange garibaldi fish in the depths
  • Blood stars creeping over rocks
  • Ratfish gliding through the kelp
  • Spotted eagle rays swimming above you (a hint for the next animal to spot in the trees!)

Third letter-clue

Your next letter-clue is R.

Continue towards Rocky Shores for your next mystery…and click for Question 4.