Connected Learning with the Zoo

LRNGConnect with PDZA through online Xperiences. Connected learning re-imagines the experience of education using technology. Through PDZA's connected learning platform, LRNG, youth can diversify their networks, explore new resources, and receive the tools needed to learn new skills. PDZA provides activities and resources that link learning in school, home, and community while giving youth the choice to participate individually or with friends.                          

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Just send an email with your name, email address, phone number, date of birth, and zip code.  Youth under 13 must have permission from their parent or guardian, and need to include a parent or guardian's name and email or phone number.
How to Use LRNG
Navigate to and get lost in our Badges, Playlists, and XP's.

XP's (or Xperiences) are activities designed to help you learn about a specific topic, get out into your community, or create something new.  Do the activity, then upload proof that you did it!

XPs are grouped into Playlists on specific topics.  When you complete all the XPs in a Playlist, the will be reviewed by a zoo mentor who will give you feedback. Successfully complete a full Playlist, you will earn a Badge as proof of your hard work.

Unlock & Celebrate!

When you earn badges, you can unlock prizes and other Xperiences. Create a portfolio of badges you have completed and share your passions with others.

Join PDZA for a celebration of connected learning!  Connect with other LRNG learners, display your exceptional work, and show off what you have accomplished to friends and family. Each celebration will highlight a new badge and discuss ideas for new badges. Open to any youth who has completed a badge(s). Dates and more details coming soon!

Get Learning

PDZA offers badges covering topics from art to zoology.

Current badges include:
  • Wild Photographer
  • Creating New Habits
  • Backyard Biologist
  • Shore Explorer
  • Animals in Art
  • Restoration Rally
  • Environmental Action – Concerned Citizen
  • Outdoor Adventurer