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Sensational Sea Otters!

September 29 - September 30
9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Sept. 24-30 is National Sea Otter Awareness Week - and we're joining in.
Each day of Sensational Sea Otters (Sept. 29-30) we'll give our adorable otters Sekiu and Libby plenty of special treats and enrichments. 

Sekiu loves any kind of plaything, 
Libby otter with crab
according to staff biologist Caryn Carter, who looks after the two otters. Libby's favorite is a rectangular plastic item from a kid's playhouse.
(How do you tell them apart? Libby is a little more blonde on her head.)
But both of them love the large purple boomer ball.
"They'll tug on it and tumble together, and play 'keep away,'" says Carter.
The otters also just love snuggling with each other, which is adorable all by itself.

And when Carter and our other keepers give their talks, you can find out how to protect these cute animals in the wild, where they face human-made perils like oil spills, parasites and plastic trash.

Stay tuned for special events -

Plus our regular "splashy" schedule:

11 am Saturday: Shark feed at South Pacific Aquarium
11 am Sunday: Lagoon feed at South Pacific Aquarium
11:30 am: Polar bear keeper chat
2 pm Saturday: Octopus enrichment

Save sea otters - choose to reuse and ditch the plastic. Find out more here.

otter with football