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Events Calendar

Spring Break Superstars

March 31 - April 8
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Salute the Zoo’s animal superstars! Meet fascinating animals and learn about how we care for them.

We'll celebrate a different species each day of the week.

Animal enrichment is an important part of animal care. Zookeepers provide activities that challenge our animals, offering physical and mental exercise. Enrichments improve an animal's quality of life by creating a more stimulating environment and encouraging species-typical behaviors, which is good for their physical and mental health.

lynx circle

Saturday: Wild Wonders Theater

Close Encounter: Meet Jasper the Canada lynx at 12 pm

walrus circle

Sunday: Rocky Shores

Keeper talk: Chat with marine mammal keepers at 3 pm

wolf circle on gray

Monday: Red wolves

Enrichment: Papier-mâché flowers at 2 pm
shark circle on gray  

Tuesday: Sharks

Enrichment: Rainbow Fishsicle at 11 am
elephant circle on gray  

Wednesday: Elephants

Enrichment: Watermelons at 1 pm

pb circle on gray  

Thursday: Polar Bears

Enrichment: Ice treats and toys at 11:30 am
tiger circle on gray  

Friday: Tigers

Enrichment: Watermelon with whipped cream at 12:30 pm

Saturday (7th): Wild Wonders Theater

Close Encounter: Meet Gonzo the anteater at 12 pm

circle template clear

Sunday (8th): Wild Wonders Theater

Close Encounter: Meet Tahoma the bald eagle at 12 pm


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