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The next best thing to a tropical vacation, the South Pacific Aquarium features dozens of brightly colored tropical fish swimming in the 24,000-gallon Lagoon exhibit. Dive deeper as you explore the Blue Hole, where fish peek at you from their hiding places. Come face-to-face with five species of sharks as they explore their 240,000-gallon Outer Reef environment. Here, you can watch staff biologists feed the sharks.

Can't get enough sharks? Register for an Eye-to-Eye Shark Dive!

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Puget Sound is home to fascinating 
and beautiful creatures that you can see up close at the North Pacific Aquarium. View Northwest native species, including rockfish, ratfish, jellyfish, and more. Enjoy the large community exhibit from above, or explore the lower level of the North Pacific Aquarium where familiar landmarks and marine habitats are portrayed in the Around the Sound exhibit gallery. 
And don't forget our iconic Northwest cephalopod - the giant Pacific octopus! Special octopus enrichment talks happen at 2 p.m. every Monday and Saturday.

Where are the jellies?

Our jellyfish and other upper level exhibits have closed to make room for the exciting new species we're getting for our  Pacific Seas Aquarium. The Marine Discovery Center and Community Tank will stay open.

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marine discovery-001Visit the Marine Discovery Center inside the North Pacific Aquarium to discover firsthand what a sea star or sea urchin feels like. Learn through hands-on activities how we can all protect Puget Sound habitats for the marine life in our own backyards.

Feel the soft skin of a stingray and the sandpaper-like skin of small sharks at Stingray Cove in the South Pacific Aquarium. Our species of dinner-plate sized stingrays range from Atlantic to the mottled yellow rays; as well as small epaulette sharks and bamboo sharks.

NOTE: Strollers, food & drink are not allowed inside the Aquariums.