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Rocky Shores & Arctic Tundra

EXCITING NEWS: We have two new walruses, Balzak (pronounced bell’-zik) and Lakina (pronounced la-kee’-na)! Come meet them.

At Rocky Shores you can explore a far Northwest world where land and ocean meet; where sea lions dive, seals splash and otters play.

At Arctic Tundra we’ve created a habitat just like the grassy tundra near Point Hope, Alaska – and filled it with massive muskoxen. Plus, visit our Arctic fox and see how his coat changes throughout the year. New polar bears will be arriving in Summer 2023.

Discover Rocky Shores & Arctic Tundra

Meet The New Walruses
Walruses Balzak (pronounced bell’-zik) and Lakina (pronounced la-kee’-na) are 6-year-old half-siblings and have been together their entire lives. Lakina is more inquisitive and curious while Balzak is more reserved and patient, and they are both quick learners.
Meet our Keepers
Did you know that otters sleep wrapped up in kelp? That seals can waddle on land as well as swim? Our keepers give chats every day.
Daily Presentations
Find it
in the zoo
Follow the arrows past the Pacific Seas Aquarium to find the winding path to Rocky Shores and then continue on to visit the Arctic Tundra.
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Meet Our Animals

California sea lion
Sea otter
Harbor seal
Arctic fox
Otterly playful
Anything will do.
Libby's favorite toy is a rectangular item from a kid's playhouse. Clara loves a ball.
But both of them love the large purple boomer ball - or just snuggling with each other.
Preening with penguins
All in a day's work.
On a sunny day staff biologists sat in the penguin habitat with a penguin gently pecking them.
While animal care staff scratched the penguin's back, the penguin preened them in return, enjoying the company while other penguins were sitting on eggs.

Protecting Marine Animals

Don't mess with our ocean.

THE THREAT: All marine animals and birds are at risk from ocean threats. Plastic trash chokes and starves; oil spills kill; and overfishing and climate change reduce food.

TAKE ACTION: We can all help protect our oceans by reducing our use of plastic. Bring a reusable water bottle to the Zoo. Skip the straw. Pack lunch sustainably. And tell your friends.

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More Water-loving Animals
Looking for more water-loving animals? Visit green sea turtles, hammerhead sharks, spotted eagle rays and more in our nearby Pacific Seas Aquarium!