Thank you Tacoma voters!

The 2014 Neighborhood Parks & Zoo Improvements and Safety Upgrades Bond passed with 64.5% of the votes.

That means Tacoma citizens will see plenty of activity in their parks as projects continue to develop through 2024. This $198 million public investment will help preserve our more than century-old park system through district-wide capital priorities.


What this bond will do to preserve Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium:

  • Make critical improvements to animal life-support systems and replace the failing 53-year-old North Pacific Aquarium with the new Pacific Seas Aquarium.
  • Provide aquarium classroom space for students and the community to engage in environmental and conservation education.
  • Renovate the Zoo's aging Polar Bear and Rocky Shores/Walrus exhibits to meet rising animal care standards and improve the visitor experience.

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Background information:
Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium Draft Comprehensive Strategic Plan 2011-2020
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