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10 Rainy Day Reasons to Visit the Zoo
10 Rainy Day Reasons to Visit the Zoo

Rainy day? Here in the Pacific Northwest we get a lot of them. But that’s actually one of the best times to visit the Zoo! Fewer crowds, cool animals and plenty of places to stay dry. Here are 10 ways to do it.

baja bay1. Gaze at sea turtles

Our new Pacific Seas Aquarium is the perfect place for a rainy day: dry, warm and filled with incredible underwater animals. Gliding green sea turtles, swooping eagle rays, shimmying hammerhead sharks, flashes of vibrantly colored tropical fish, art, play and so much more.


Shark dive in aquarium2. Dive with sharks

Immerse yourself, literally, with our massive South Pacific Aquarium sharks on an Eye-to-Eye Shark Dive – or stay dry and watch them cruise. Find feeding times here.


kids at Stingray Cove3. Touch a stingray

Yes, it’s safe! At Stingray Cove you can gently touch our dinner-plate-sized stingrays and small sharks as they swim by. Find feeding times here.


armadillo in Wild Wonders4. Have a Close Encounter

Meet our animals up close – under shelter! Eagle, anteater, lynx – you never know who’ll be on stage daily at noon at the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater.


girl on carousel for birthdays5. Ride a vintage carousel

Polar bear, walrus, slug – which will you ride? Our Paul Titus carousel was originally built in 1917, and features Northwest animals as well as horses. And it’s completely indoors!


6. High-five a polar bear

Go hand-to-paw with a polar bear from our underwater viewing window. He gets wet, you stay dry. Win-win!


7. Get cozy in the Asia Day Room

Our siamangs, gibbons, tapirs and tigers all love the Day Room, a warm indoor space in the Asian Forest Sanctuary habitat. Depending on who’s in there, it’s filled with hay, food or rope swings – and plenty of visitor space too. Come hang out.


playground8. Climb, hop, twirl

Can you climb like a spider? Hop like a wallaby? Burn off rainy day energy on the Kids’ Zone playground (partly covered), or stay dry spotting our snakes and frogs.


Meerkat family in Kids' Zone9. Meet the meerkat mob

They’re inquisitive. They’re fast. They climb and dig. If this sounds like your kids, then bring them to meet our meerkats – indoors!


walrus and girl at window10. Watch a walrus – underwater

Stay dry and cozy watching the graceful underwater ballet of our two hunky walruses. The underwater viewing area also lets you into the watery world of sea lions, harbor seals and sea otters – all without getting wet!