Zoo Guide Youth Volunteer Team

jr guide 5The Youth Volunteer Team of Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium consists of three different programs. These programs provide students between age 11-18 an opportunity to increase and share their knowledge of animals, conservation, and the environment while gaining valuable volunteer experience in a zoo and aquarium.

Are you interested in joining our team? 

Read about each Youth Volunteer program below to determine which one is right for you!

Please Note: Youth Volunteers DO NOT assist with animal care.


The Junior Guide program is specifically tailored for students ages 11-13 who love animals and might be interested in a future working at a zoo!

To learn more or download an application, visit the Junior Guide page.


This is the most exclusive program in the Youth Volunteer Team. Senior Guides, ages 15-18, are all previous Zoo Guides who have been chosen for their experience, knowledge and leadership qualities. Senior Guides work closely with staff to provide high-quality education experiences to Zoo guests year-round.

Applications for this program are not available to the general public. To learn more, visit the Senior Guide page.


Zoo Guides, ages 14-18, are an award-winning team of dynamic high school students that assist with the on-site education of children and adults during the busy summer season!

To learn more or download an application, visit the Zoo Guide page.