welcome to Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater

"Indiana Bones and the Golden Treasure" is closed for the season. Join us in summer 2015 when the adventure continues!

Wonder dog Herald stars as Indiana Bones, Barkeologist, in the all-new interactive live animal show Indiana Bones and the Golden Treasure!

As Dr. Bones hunts for the Golden Treasure, you'll learn about geocaching, which combines navigation and good old-fashioned sleuthing skills with the allure of a treasure hunt.

Tilli the aardvark joins in the hunt, showing off her long tongue; Sheldon the serval jumps at the chance to participate; and a king vulture, rats, a two-toed sloth, a striped skunk and other animals join the cast along the way.

The live animal show at Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater is presented by MultiCare Mary Bridge Children's Hospital & Health Center with support from our sister zoo, Northwest Trek Wildlife Park


Show Snapshots