Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater

Herald 2017 Circle


The all-new, action-packed animal show at Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater will amaze, delight and inspire you.

There’s a new lawman in town -- “Sheruff” Bones, also known as Herald the dog, who will come riding in on a hot air balloon. Clark the king vulture will fly straight into your heart as he soars overhead.

Be amazed by leaping clouded leopards Orchid and Banyan. Giggle at a flock of stampeding chickens with musical names like Bach and Beethoven. Marvel at Gonzo the southern tamandua, an interesting anteater with an impossibly long tongue. All these and more than a dozen other cast members star in a Wild West-themed show that takes place in the Town of Triple R, where the watchwords are Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

The live animal show at Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater is presented with support from MultiCare Mary Bridge Children's Hospital & Health Center and Sound Credit Union.

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