Teacher Resources

Review the important Field Trip Preparation resources and get your students ready to visit the Zoo with the Zoo Preview Power Point presentation.

Provide your students and chaperones with Field Trip Activities to help focus their experience. Download the Explore Washed Ashore activity sheets (two pages within one PDF) designed especially for students to get up close and personal with our visiting sculptures.

NEW  Field Trip Exploration Stations are under development and will be set up for schools visiting the Zoo this June! One station will be in the Rocky Shores area and the other will be in the SE Asian Forest Sanctuary exhibit. Zoo staff will guide students as they learn about animal adaptations and ecosystems. Each station includes activities and information focused on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Disciplinary Core Ideas for Life Science and Human Impacts on Earth Systems.

Take the Waste-Free Field Trip Lunch Challenge! First prize includes a classroom visit from one of our Animal Ambassadors. Click here for more information.

If you can't bring your students to the Zoo please consider one of our Zoo to Your School programs. We offer many Wildlife Lessons topics, including animal classification, food webs and wildlife conservation. Each Lesson includes a visit with a live animal ambassador and a hands-on experience with items such as animal skulls and pelts. You can also request an Animal Appearance where 2-3 animals visit your classroom without a formal lesson.

What else can we do for you? Contact cathleen.mcconnell@pdza.org.

Art to Save the Sea

On April 22nd the Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea exhibit opens and is here through October.

You'll see larger-than-life sea creatures sculpted from plastic trash. Sand toys, plastic bottles, and colorful shards of all kinds have been transformed into the stripes of a giant parrot fish, the teeth of a 10-foot-long shark, and the beak of a massive penguin.

Get to know Chomper the tiger shark, Sebastian James the tufted puffin, Lidia the seal, Octavia the octopus, Gertrude the penguin, Nadia the sea turtle, Priscilla the parrot fish and Steve the weedy sea dragon,using the Explore Washed Ashore eye spy activity pages. (two pages within one PDF)

Learn about single-use plastics from the Plastic Pollution Coalition.

Use the Integrated Art and Marine Debris Curriculum developed by Washed Ashore conservation engagement staff.These lessons bring together art and science to help students understand the plastic pollution issue and communicate about it using the language of the art.

More resources:

Plastic Pollution and Activity Guide - SeaGrant

Protect Our Ocean Activity Book - NOAA

Find out how we are going plastic free at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.

Climate Change

Polar Bears International (PBI) Education Center.

Find out what some real bears are up to in the wild with the Polar Bear Tracker and Polar Bear Cam.

Click here for a list of Global Warming and Climate Change resources.

Green Your School

Washington Green Schools
Engage students as environmental stewards and leaders while creating a greener, healthier school by reducing environmental and carbon footprint.

Eco-Schools USA - National Wildlife Federation
Green your school inside, outside, and throughout your curriculum! Join over 50 other countries in this international initiative designed to encourage whole-school action for the environment.

Cool the Earth
If you are looking for a great way to motivate your students to fight climate change, this program will give you the recipe and even some of the ingredients to make a difference.Tell them Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium sent you!