Senior Guides (ages 15-18 and grades 10-12)

In order to apply for the Senior Guide program you must first successfully complete at least one summer season with the Zoo Guides.

Senior Guides have been chosen based on their experience, knowledge, and leadership abilities. These dedicated and talented high school students can be found all across Zoo grounds throughout the entire year.

Senior Guides perform all the duties expected of Zoo Guides and...

  • Work closely with Junior Guides to provide interpretive activities to the Guests of PDZA.
  • Have the opportunity to help with zoo-wide Special Events all year.
  • Have the opportunity to help with all Summer and Winter Camps.
  • Assist with the training of Zoo Guides and Junior Guides
  • Develop and participate in conservation projects year-round on and off Zoo grounds.

Please Note: Senior Guides DO NOT assist with animal care.