Preschoolers - Ages 4 - 5

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Busy Builders (NEW!)
July 6-7, 1-4 pm
August 10-11, 1-4 pm 
We'll be as busy as beavers learning all about animals and their crafty building ways.  Explore all of the construction at the zoo, and we'll see how humans do it too.  Get ready to get busy and build away!

Growing up, Up, UP (NEW!) 
July 13-14, 9 am-12 pm    SESSION FULL - Email for wait list
August 7-8, 1-4 pm

Animals start off small, but grow strong and tall.  We'll learn all about baby animals and how they grow, Grow and GROW!

Wild Wardrobe (NEW!)
July 10-11, 1-4 pm
August 14-15, 9 am-12 pm

Animals come in a whole rainbow of colors, from bright red and orange to deep purple, gorgeous green and everything in between.  Let's explore the zoo to see what can be found, tons of color is sure to be around!

P is for Preschooler
June 20-21, 9 am-12 pm
The letter P is for peacock, polar bear and perhaps more animals than you might presume. Promenade like a penguin, procure food for puffins and produce pokey clay porcupines in this perfect preschool program.

Eye Spy
June 22-23, 9 am-12 pm
August 24-25, 1-4 pm
Super-fun scavenger hunts await - explore the zoo high and low to find fun, friends and tons of cool animals.  I spy adventure in your future!

Down on the Farm
July 17-18, 1-4 pm
Discover how farm animals are part of our everyday lives.  Feed the goats, make real butter and create beautiful works of art using farm products.

Tiger Troop
July 20-21, 9 am-12 pm
August 17-18, 1-4 pm
What does it take to be a tiger?  Earn your stripes and join the tiger troop to find out how these amazing animals live and thrive in the wilds of our Asian Forest Sanctuary.

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