Picnics at the Zoo

The Red Wolf Picnic Site
accommodates up to 300 guests for catered picnics. Located next to the Red Wolf Woods exhibit, this covered picnic site rents for $400.

The picnic site is available from 10 am-3 pm.

Admission fee for catered picnic groups:
  • $10.00 per adult (ages 13+)
  • $6.50 per child (ages 3-12)
  • Ages 2 and under are free 
Admission fees include 5% admission tax. Advance ticketing and payment required.
Email reserve@pdza.org for assistance with ticketing. 

Additional Information

Catering is provided by Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium’s exclusive caterer, Lancer Catering. Download our catered picnic menu.

Read about our rental policies and payment instructions.

Contact Us

Reserve your space today!

Contact pdzasales@lancercatering.com or call 253-404-3823 for details.

Contact cvenzone@lancercatering.com to book an animal appearance at your picnic.

Animal Appearances

An expert staff biologist will introduce your group to one of the Zoo’s resident animals and discuss their impressive adaptations for survival. Presentations are approximately 15 minutes long and are subject to animal and staff availability.

$75 for coendou, two-toed sloth, large birds (*), and animals requiring two handlers (**)
$50 for all other animals

Available animals:
  • Bald eagle**
  • Blue-tongued skink
  • Domestic dog
  • Domestic rat
  • Eagle owl*
  • Giant African millipede
  • Green iguana
  • Green-winged macaw*
  • Kinkajou
  • Radiated tortoise
  • Three-banded armadillo
  • Two-toed sloth
  • White nose coatimundi**

**Requires two staff handlers