Kindergarten Graduates

Creature Feature
June 18-20, 9am-12pm; Aug. 11-13, 1-4pm
Get up close to all kids of animals and discover what features help them survive.

Leader of the Pack - NEW!
June 30 - July 2, 1-4pm; Aug. 13-15, 9am-12pm
Some animals work as a team, some work alone - go behind the scenes at the zoo to find out who's the boss!

Wild Workers - NEW!
July 7-9, 9am-12pm; Aug. 18-20, 1-4pm
Animals are amazing workers - discover the big, the small and the tall - how do they do it all?

Home For You & Me
July 9-11, 1-4pm; July 21-23, 1-4pm
Animals need homes too!  Search the zoo from top to bottom for amazing animal abodes.

You Got to Move It, Move It
July 23-25, 9am-12pm; Aug. 6-8, 1-4pm
Leap like a lemur, trot like a tiger and wiggle like a walrus while learning all about how animals move!

Radical Rays
June 30 - July 2, 9am-12pm; Aug. 4-6 1-4pm
Learn how rays swim, eat, live and move while exploring our new stingray exhibit - see just how radical they are!

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