Kindergarten Graduates

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Creature Kitchen (NEW!)
July 5-7, 9 am-12 pm
August 7-9, 1-4 pm    
SESSION FULL - Email for wait list 
The Creature Kitchen is officially open at the zoo!  Learn all about the crazy food our critters eat, and create a crafty treat for a special zoo animal in this culinary camp for kindergarteners.

Zoomagination Squad (NEW!) 
July 10-12, 9 am-12 pm
August 16-18, 9 am-12 pm

Let's activate our imaginations and create our own super-squad of heroes, motivated by real animal adaptations.  Visit all the animals we have to offer in search of the perfect inspiration for your crafty critter creations.

You Got to Move It, Move It 
June 21-23, 1-4 pm
Leap like a lemur, trot like a tiger and wiggle like a walrus while learning about how animals move and groove.  You've gotta move it right into this camp!

Zoo Crew
July 12-14, 1-4 pm
August 9-11, 1-4 pm

In this adventure, we'll observe all the zoo exhibits and then use our creativity and imagination to build our own zoo models.  Create the perfect exhibit, then take it home to show your family and friends!
Rumble in the Jungle
July 17-19, 9 am-12 pm
August 14-16, 1-4 pm

Squawk like a parrot, sing like a gibbon and trumpet like an elephant.  This one's about all the noises and sounds that make the jungle come alive.  Let's get loud!

Radical Rays & Jiggling Jellies
July 19-21, 1-4 pm
August 21-23, 1-4 pm

Jellies jiggle and rays wiggle.  Create cool crafts and dive deep into the lives of these sea creatures and discover what makes them so special in this radical adventure!

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