Schedule Your School Field Trip

Let's face it: A walrus won't fit into your classroom and polar bears aren't just for picture books. It's time to make your science curriculum come alive with a visit to the Zoo!

Focus your field trip by scheduling a Discovery Program with one of our education specialists or simply use our Field Trip Activities to help your students get the most out of this special experience.

You may also want to invite the Zoo to Your School. Wildlife Lessons and Animal Encounters include formal instruction, hands-on experiences and a visit from up to three live animal ambassadors.

Email us at for more information or to schedule a Zoo to School or field trip Discovery Program.


  • Begin the reservation process here.
  • Discounted rates apply only to accredited public and private schools (kindergarten and up). For all other groups (including pre-K), the general group rate applies. (Zoo memberships are not accepted for any child visiting the zoo on a scheduled school field trip.)
  • Download a Tacoma K-5 Scholarship application.
  • To receive the discounted school groups rate, tickets must be purchased at least 15 days in advance. Full payment is due at this time.
  • Depending on your form of payment, tickets will either be mailed to you or available for pickup at the Zoo's admissions gate.
  • If you have not received your group's tickets by mail at least one week in advance of your scheduled trip date, please call 253-591-5333 or email to confirm that your registration and full payment was received.


To qualify for the discounted school group rate, you must bring at least 12 paying students. One teacher will be admitted for free for every classroom. One adult chaperone is required for every 5 students (K-12). Rates apply to both students and chaperones.

Cost per student/chaperone:

  • July - February: $7.00*
  • March - April: $8.00*
  • May - June: $9.00*

*Admission prices do not include the $3 (per group) processing fee.


  • Select a Discovery Program with one of our Zoo Educators to enhance your students' field trip experience.
  • Show your students the "Zoo Preview" PowerPoint Presentation.This virtual tour will help prepare your students for learning when they arrive.
  • Decide if you would like to use some of the Field Trip Activities we offer.
  • Review the Code of Conduct and Disruptive Behavior Policy with your
  • Read about Important Field Trip Tips.
  • Have your students visit the Animals & Exhibits page before your visit.
  • Check out the schedule of Animal Encounters on the back of each students and chaperones.
  • map.
  • Plan a Free Teacher Planning Visit for yourself. Just bring your Group Registration Form and a valid teacher identification card to the front gate to get your free admission ticket.