Field Trip Activities

Provide your students and chaperones with the following helpful guides, developed by the Zoo's education specialists.

These guides offer students a template for discussing and recording their observations throughout their visit, and empower your chaperones with tips on how to guide students as they explore.

Zoo Preview!

Give your students a Zoo Preview to get them ready for their zoo adventure! Students will enjoy this sneak peek at Zoo animals.

Browse our animal fact sheets.


Try out our chaperone-led Field Trip Investigation activities for Kindergarten through 5th grade. These guides were developed to help chaperones encourage their students to practice observation skills as they venture throughout the Zoo.

1st & 2nd Grades
3rd & 4th Grades
5th Grade

Classrooms Connection suggestions are also included to help teachers prepare students for their Zoo field trip.


The following Field Discovery Guides were developed to support our Discovery Programs but can be used even if your students do not participate in a formal program offering at the Zoo.

Field Guides (K-2nd grade)

Arctic Tundra Animals
Asian Forest Animals
Marine Mammals
Ocean Invertebrates

Field Guides (3rd-5th grade)

Arctic Tundra
Asian Forest
Marine Mammals
Puget Sound
Red Wolves

Field Guides (6th-12th grade)

Red Wolves
Zoos: Working for the World's Wildlife
Zoological Careers