IN TOUCH  with the wild

Have you ever wondered what an armadillo's armor feels like--or the skin of a sleek stingray? How prickly is a hedgehog, anyway? Discover new animals up close at the Zoo all summer long at our enhanced Close Encounter opportunities. Pick up a Zoo map at the front gate to check the Animal Presentations schedule and see what's happening during your visit!

Touch an Animal Ambassador - NEW!
Monday-Friday, 2 pm
Come face-to-face with an Animal Ambassador near the Red Wolf Picnic Area. You might touch an armadillo, hedgehog, iguana, millipede, snake... or many others! Meet new Animal Ambassadors each day of the week:

            Legendary Lizard Mondays
            Turtle Talk Tuesdays
            Weird & Wonderful Wednesdays
            Slithering Thurssssdays
            Fur Frenzy Fridays

Up Close with Harbor Seals - NEW!
Saturday & Sunday, 11:00 am
Enter to win an up-close discovery experience with harbor seals for up to four people. Entries are accepted Saturday & Sunday between 9:30-10:30 am at the Ambassador Cart inside the front gate.
Aardvark Close Encounter
Fridays at 1:30 pm (weather dependent)
Meet an awesome aardvark during a Close Encounter near the Muskoxen exhibit in Arctic Tundra.
Budgie Buddies
Daily, 10:30 am-1 pm & 2-5 pm
Stroll through the open-air exhibit and feed the friendly and colorful budgies with a seed stick.
Marine Discovery Center
Daily, 10 am-5 pm
Touch a sea star or sea urchin, take part in a squid dissection, make a fun art project and learn how we can all protect Puget Sound habitats.

Stingray Cove
Daily, 10 am-1 pm & 2-5 pm
Feel the velvety skin of a stingray and learn about these cousins of sharks in the tropical Lagoon exhibit of the South Pacific Aquarium.

Eye-to-Eye Shark Dives

Thursday-Monday, times vary
Descend into a 240,000-gallon warm water shark tank and learn about the conservation of these beautiful animals. Space is limited--register today!