IN TOUCH  with the wild

Have you ever wondered what an armadillo's armor feels like--or the skin of a sleek stingray? Discover new animals up close at the Zoo all summer long at our enhanced Close Encounter opportunities. Pick up a Zoo map at the front gate to check the Animal Presentations schedule and see what's happening during your visit!

close encounter maureen nigel coendou

in touch circle - hedgehog

Touch an Animal Ambassador
Daily, 1:30 pm, near Muskox Exhibit
Monday-Friday, 2:30 pm,
Discovery Hut
Come face-to-face with an Animal Ambassador. You might touch an armadillo, iguana, millipede, or many others!

in touch circle - goat

Groom a Goat
Daily, 11 am-12 pm
Brush the fur of a friendly goat at Kids' Zone, then feed goats from the palm of your hand on the other side of the yard.

mdc circle

Feel a Sea Star and More
Daily, 10 am-5 pm
Visit the Marine Discovery Center in the North Pacific Aquarium to touch a sea star or sea urchin, take part in a squid dissection, make a fun art project and learn how we can all protect Puget Sound habitats.

in touch circle - stingray

Touch Stingrays and Sharks
Daily, 10 am-1 pm & 2-5 pm
Feel the velvety skin of a stingray or the sandpaper-like skin of a small shark at Stingray Cove. Learn all about these cartilaginous cousins in the tropical Lagoon exhibit of the South Pacific Aquarium.

More to Explore

in touch circle - aardvark

Aardvark Encounter
Tuesday & Friday, 1:30 pm (weather dependent)
Meet Tilli the awesome aardvark as she explores her brand new dig yard near the Discovery Hut.

in touch circle - budgie

Feed a Bird
Daily, 10:30 am-1 pm & 2-5 pm
Stroll through the open-air Budgie Buddies exhibit and feed the friendly and colorful Australian birds with a seed stick.

ete circle

Dive with Sharks

Thursday-Monday, times vary
There's no experience quite like an Eye-to-Eye Shark Dive. Descend into a 240,000-gallon warm water shark tank in the South Pacific Aquarium while learning all about sharks. Registration is required.

in touch circle - camel

Ride a Camel
Daily, 10 am-5 pm (weather dependent)
Enjoy beautiful views of the Point Defiance Park Rose Gardens from the back of a cool camel. Commemorative photos are available to preserve this special memory.
 millipede circle

Bugs Alive!

Daily, 1 pm & 4:30 pm, Discovery Hut
See bugs up close and learn about their important roles in the ecosystem.