Career Programs & Information

While we cannot accommodate students requesting job shadow experiences, we do offer some other great opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career in zoo and aquarium animal care.


Sign up for a Keeper for a Day or Marine Biologist for a Day experience!


The next Career Day event will take place in early 2018. Check back here for details. Members will receive a notice by email when registration opens.

This event is offered to 6th-12th grade students. Participants will attend the two workshops and have opportunities to interact with zookeepers at various venues, including behind the scenes at some exhibit areas. Pre-registration is required.

Workshop Topics:

Animal Training - Students will become familiar with basic training methods, with a focus on positive reinforcement, and find out how training helps keepers provide high quality care for their animals. Students will test their skills by training each other!

Animal Enrichment - Students will find out why providing animals with enriching items and experiences is an important part of animal care. Students will get creative to come up with ideas for enrichment for a variety of animals.

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Volunteer or Intern

Volunteer Team

Volunteer - it's an adventure! Learn about our youth and adult volunteer opportunities.

Internship Program

Open to currently enrolled or recently graduated college or university students.

Staff Interviews

Great for reports, job shadow requirements and school newspapers! Interviews are generally 15 minutes long, and may be conducted over the phone or at the Zoo. Interviews do not include a behind the scenes experience.

We recommend that you make your request at least two weeks before your deadline. Please contact us at to place your request.