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Leapin' Lemurs

February 28 - February 29
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
It's a Leap Year! Join us on Sunday & Monday, Feb 28 & 29, to celebrate Leap Day Weekend with fascinating lemurs. Watch these acrobatic, long-tailed primates receive special enrichment treats.

Animal enrichment is a very important part of animal care. Zookeepers provide activities that challenge our animals, offering physical and mental exercise. Enrichments improve an animal's quality of life by creating a more stimulating environment and encouraging species-typical behaviors, which is good for their physical and mental health.

Special activities

  • See lemurs enjoy enrichments at 11 am and 2:30 pm
  • Hands-on craft: Lemur headbands
  • Leap & pin the tail on the lemur

Meet the Lemurs


  • Bobby, born March 1994
  • Charlie, born Feb 1986
  • Freedom, born July 1995


  • Houston, born 1989

Black and White Ruffed

  • Albert, born June 2011
  • Saunders, born June 2011
  • Tiffany, born May 1995

black and white ruffed lemur

Did you know? In the wild, lemurs are found only on the island of Madagascar, off the east coast of Africa. Lemurs enjoy sunbathing. Some are arboreal (spending their time in trees), while others are terrestrial (spending most of their time on the ground).

The species of lemurs represented at the Zoo range from Vulnerable to Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List assessment. Wild lemurs are threatened by habitat loss due to firewood and charcoal production in the forests of Madagascar. Lemurs are also hunted for food in some areas.

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