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July 9 - July 10
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Explore the watery world of sharks! Join us for a weekend jam-packed with shark-themed activities. Learn about shark conservation and join us in pledging to protect sharks around the world!

TOUCH a shark (and a stingray!)

Touch whitespotted bamboo sharks and epaulette sharks, the longest of which is about 3 feet long. They live with their cartilaginous cousins in Stingray Cove in the South Pacific Aquarium.

on their level

Meet sharks up close in this unique interactive experience! Descend into a 240,000-gallon warm water shark tank and get up close with over a dozen large sharks during an Eye-to-Eye Shark Dive. Programs are available for both certified divers and non-divers. Online registration is required.

sharks need help

Did you know that millions of sharks are killed by humans every year? Learn more about sharks' role in marine ecosystems, the effects of humans on shark populations, and how you can help.

buy online tickets - polar bear - on grayAll activities except for Eye-to-Eye Shark Dives are FREE with paid admission or membership. Skip the lines and enjoy a discount on general admission by purchasing online!