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Events Calendar

Earth Day Party

April 12 - April 13
10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Celebrate your home planet with the animals that share it! Learn how to shrink your carbon pawprint as as Zoo animals receive special enrichment treats and toys.

Discover what actions you can take at the Zoo, at home, and in your neighborhood to show love to your planet and build green communities. Join us in creating a healthy, sustainable Tacoma by participating in projects on grounds and throughout Point Defiance Park.

---------------------------------  Animal Enrichments  ---------------------------------

 11:00 AM

 Sat - Sharks enjoy chumsicles (South Pacific Aquarium)
 Sun - Tropical fish receive springtime treats (South Pacific Aquarium)
 11:30 AM  Polar bears play with ice blocks and fake glaciers (Arctic Tundra)
 12:00 PM  Sunday only - Clouded leopards play with Earth Day enrichments
 1:00 PM  Elephants devour watermelons (Asian Forest Sanctuary)
 1:30 PM

 Sat - Skunk close encounter (Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater)
 Sun - Aardvark close encounter (Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater)
 2:00 PM  Red wolves receive treat-filled papier mache Earths (Red Wolf Woods)

----------------------  Special Activities (All Day Sat & Sun)  ----------------------

  • Building Nature Homes - Build a home for local bees, bats, or frogs.
  • Hide and Seek - Test your skills at finding neighborhood birds.
  • Friendly Fishing - Fish for your favorite seafood.
  • Flying Flippers - Beat a friend in a flipper relay race.
  • Fish Prints - Create your own fishy artwork!

FREE with paid admission or membership. Skip the lines and save up to $10 on four tickets by purchasing online!