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Events Calendar

Spring Break Superstars

April 4 - April 8
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Salute the Zoo’s conservation animal superstars! Participate in hands-on activities all week and watch animals enjoy special enrichment treats .Search for clues around the Zoo in a Scavenger Hunt and unscramble the Secret Code to win a free carousel ride!

We'll celebrate a different species each day of the week.

Animal enrichment is an important part of animal care. Zookeepers provide activities that challenge our animals, offering physical and mental exercise. Enrichments improve an animal's quality of life by creating a more stimulating environment and encouraging species-typical behaviors, which is good for their physical and mental health.

wolf circle on gray

Monday: Red wolves

  • Enrichment - At 2 pm, red wolves will receive papier-mâché flowers stuffed with treats.
  • Mark Your Scent - Be like a red wolf and mark your territory.
  • Make Tracks - Red wolves need food, water, shelter, and space. Create a habitat that has everything they need!
shark circle on gray  

Tuesday: Sharks

  • Enrichment - At 11 am, sharks will receive an icy popsicle treat, while fish in the Lagoon and North Pacific Aquarium will receive gel spring-themed treats.
  • Shark Puzzles - Learn about different shark species and their unique adaptations.
  • Shark Tooth Scientist - Discover different types of shark teeth and the foods sharks eat.
elephant circle gray

wednesday: ELEPHANTS

  • Enrichment - At 1 pm, see elephants enjoy a special bamboo treat.
  • Elphies for Elephants - Draw your elephant and take an "elphie" to support elephant conservation.
  • The Nose Knows - Play a memory game to learn more about an elephant's trunk.
tapir circle gray  

Thursday: TAPIRS

  • Enrichment - At 12:45 pm, watch Baku the tapir enjoy a bamboo enrichment.
  • Match the Tracks - Can you spot the difference and match the tracks to the right animal?
  • Camouflage Investigation - Can black and white tapirs camouflage in their habitat? Investigate to find out!

pb circle on gray  

Friday: PolaR bears

  • Enrichment - At 11:30 am, polar bears will receive ice treats with toys and icing.
  • How Much Does it Weigh - Do you know how much a baby polar bear weighs? Or the amount of fat a polar bear needs to consume? Test your strength skills to find out.
  • Super Scent - An amazing sense of smell is a must for any polar bear. How good is yours?

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