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Plant Conservation Day

July 6
Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is a great place to come and see endangered animals, but did you ever notice that it’s also a wonderful site for viewing and smelling an amazing array of plants from around the world?

We’ll show you some of our best foliage during Plant Conservation Day on July 6. There will be activities, talks about plants and self-guided and guided tours. Horticulturist Bryon Jones will be available to talk about what makes the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium landscape so lush and unique. And you can go home with tips on how to fill your yard with plantings that work well in the Northwest. 

The Around the World theme of the day will include activities specific to each area of the zoo. You’ll learn about the plants that match the theme of the zoo’s Arctic Tundra area; the human benefits of plants like aloe in Kids’ Zone; all about tropical plants in the Asian Forest Sanctuary; and about backyard habitats. And, there will be fun facts about which plants at the zoo. 

Did you know that bamboo and banana leaves, are grown not only because they fit in with a themed area but also because they can be used for animal enrichment? Tigers, for example, love to play with palm fronds; elephants eat banana leaves; several animals chew on bamboo.

So, come with your planting questions and see the zoo from a whole new perspective. And while you’re on grounds, don’t forget to see endangered Clouded leopard cub Tien; endangered Sumatran tiger cub Kali; and newborn seal pups Hogan and Saya. And you can catch the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater live animal show, “Captain Adventure vs. Dr. Do-Nothing: The Quest to Get Outside!” And, of course, you can touch the velvety bodies of 12 stingrays in our all-new Stingray Cove exhibit. There’s always a lot to see and do in this Summer of Wonder at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.