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Arctic Animal Conservation Celebration

December 14

Come play the Arctic way! See how our polar bears, muskoxen and Arctic foxes stay cool all year long with fun toys and treats called enrichments. Things like fishsicles and toys surrounded in ice are designed to keep animals active and stimulate their natural behaviors. Watch Arctic animals splash and play all day on Saturday, Dec. 14, and learn about the challenges faced by these incredible species.


  • 11:30 am - Polar bear (iceberg toy and treats)
  • 1:00 pm - Arctic fox (feeder puzzle and ice treats)
  • 1:30 pm - Lynx (close encounter at WWOT)
  • 3:00 pm - Pacific walrus (ice treats)


  • Staying Warm (Muskoxen): Examine the different ways Arctic animals stay warm.
  • Catch of the Day! (Polar Bears): See if you can survive as a polar bear hunting for food!
  • Bears in the Balance (Polar Bears): Find out ways to help polar bears and be a Polar Bear Pal in this hands-on activity.
  • Marine Mammal Food Prep Tours (Food Prep Building): Learn what it takes to feed a zoo full of hungry Arctic and marine mammals each day.
  • What’s that smell? (Sea Otters): Use your sniffer to determine what gustatory enrichments Arctic animals get.
  • Wreathcycle (North Pacific Aquarium): Create a holiday wreath out of recycled materials to be hung in the Aquarium. Check out the wreaths already made and vote for your favorite here.